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Cyber Security

Course 1

cyber security,digital security,safe technology
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Course Outline:

- Intro to Cyber Security (Free for all) (مقدمة إلى الأمن السيبراني (مجاني للجميع -

  • What is Cyber Security
  • Important terms to know

- Cyber Security 101 ($2.99 for the full chapter)

  • Importance of Cyber Security to end users
  • Explaining online safety threats
- Cyber Security 201 ($4.99 for the full chapter)
  • Intro to assessing risks and protecting information
  • Security Principles
  • Foundations of Cryptography

(مقدمة إلى الأمن السيبراني (مجاني للجميع -

ما هو الأمن السيبراني
مصطلحات مهمة يجب معرفتها

Expected Course Outcomes

- Recognizing terms in Cyber Security

- Recognizing terms used on the internet

- Gaining the ability to identify online threats

- Reducing risks of online threats

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